What Should Be Improved For Singapore’s Courier Companies

Here are some things which I noticed about courier companies, and then followed by some improvements which I believe can and should be made to the state of the courier services industry in Singapore. Generally, it is ok, but certainly can be improved.

  • Long process
    There are many courier companies in Singapore which require you to fill up length forms and registration process before you can even order one single courier delivery and/or open a corporate account. In my opinion, this can be improved because many times, most people need to know an average estimate or rough guide of the prices before committing to it. In such a situation, there should ideally be an instant price calculator where the price will be provided as long as the pick up and delivery timings and postal codes are provided. In fact, some companies allow for this to provide a quote. However, most of them like Gogovan are bad because they have hidden clauses (e.g. the courier can charge any additional prices as they deem fit on the spot). This is unreliable and unprofessional. There should be a fixed price to ensure fairness for Singapore customers!
  • Lack of tracking or rather, communication
    Did you know that most SG courier companies don’t even notify you even well after your delivery has been completed? In my opinion, this is bad. Most courier companies need you to even call them or manually check before you know whether the delivery was/is successful. That’s why I only stick to companies like PCA Masters which are reliable and tell their customers that the delivery has been completed the moment it’s been conducted.
  • Lack of transparency
    Did you realize that many old courier companies don’t let you know how they charge you for the deliveries? This is especially the case for moving and/or van delivery companies. This irritates me because I don’t know what on earth I’m paying for (I’m not speaking about those small $10-50 deliveries, I’m talking about those $1200 moving of 1 piece of furniture. Maybe I was overcharged but I would never know.

Alright, enough with the rant above. There are lots of things which SG courier companies are doing fantastic at, but the above are just some pointers that especially the older courier companies are lacking on. Newer couriers are catching on fast and improving on these points, and I expect companies like PCA Masters to topple the existing industry leader soon enough.

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