Ordering Courier Services In S’pore

For the people who do not know how to order a delivery service in Singapore, here are some steps and then tips.

  • Before you order, you should first know the postal code of both the pick up locations and delivery location. This is because most courier companies charge by the postal codes. The further the distance between your pick up point and delivery point, the more expensive it will be. This is usually the case for same day deliveries. If you have lots of consolidated deliveries to be performed, then that would be another issue altogether. Prices would generally be fixed and significantly lower if you have consolidated deliveries to be performed.
  • Next of all, you should make sure that the item is ready before you contact the courier company. In the event that it will only be ready for collection after a particular time, then make sure that is known to the courier as well. This is because some couriers might reach your pick up location very quickly, and will charge you waiting fees if the document/item is not yet ready for collection. Therefore, make a note to the courier company if the document/item is only ready after a particular time.
  • Third of all, make sure to specify a timing if you need an item to be delivered before a particular time which is not 6pm. Most courier companies in SG will deliver your items on the same day before 6pm if you do not specify any time frame. Thus, to ensure that your items don’t get missed out in terms of deliveries and still get delivered on time (especially for time sensitive courier deliveries), make sure to let the courier company know about all these requirements. They may charge more but it’s sensible to do it than to take the risk of having the items couriered late. After all, the charges are just a few dollars more only.
  • Last but not least, make sure to work with an accountable courier company in SG. Some companies don’t send any kind of notification, or tracking to let the customer know that the item has been delivered successfully. Make sure to work with a company like PCA Masters – www.pcamasters.com/courier-delivery-singapore/ which provides that e.g. successful delivery statuses e.t.c.

Now, the above tips should be enough to set you up..

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