Vehicles Used For Courier Service In Singapore

Courier services range from delivering small items like documents or perhaps a small parcel to large items like a television. With such a vast range of items being couriered in Singapore, there must be many different types of vehicles we use for this.

  • First and foremost, if it’s small enough to fit into the box at the back of motorcycles, then the courier company would under most circumstances, dispatch a rider to your pick up and delivery locations. This is because it would save you and the company more costs – it’s more time and cost efficient to send a motorbike courier for small item deliveries than sending a large van for the same small item. Additionally, a van courier may ask for more pay from the courier company, and the low prices most courier companies charge for document or small item deliveries would not be justifiable with a van courier.
  • Most of the bikes that these courier companies will use are actually not the usual type of bike you will see on the roads, as these bikes are meant for courier deliveries. This means that chances are, instead of looking cool, it would have lots of boxes to fit as many items as possible for courier deliveries. This is to maximize the usage of a bike on the roads.
  • Next, if your items is too large or heavy to be transported using a bike, then courier companies may choose between a car / van to have your item transported. One thing you may notice is that most of the van drivers are full time employees, while the car drivers are┬ámost commonly contractors working for the courier company.
  • As some companies will send a car driver to pick up your items, if your items clearly need a van, make sure to specify that point to the courier company or you would find yourself in a dilemma later on when the courier turns up with an unsuitable vehicle but still charges you for it.

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