Pricing For Delivery And Courier Service In Singapore

If you have not ordered courier services before, and you now need to on behalf of your company, here are some tips which would make you feel more assured in making the right, prudent decision… especially when you can find so many options online! There are so many things to take into consideration and you may feel totally overwhelmed and stressed out… and your boss may scold you. So, here are some tips to help you out and teach you how to properly order the right type of courier services and identify a good courier company in SIngapore.

Firstly, most companies in Singapore charge either via zones and/or distance. This is because there are central locations like CBD regions where the locations where documents are delivered are usually next to each other, resulting in cheaper prices; however, for further distances, such as from an outskirt to another outskirt in another region of the island, then it would take a significantly longer traveling time. As petrol costs and time needed to travel will be greater, the prices for such local, islandwide vs city only courier services would naturally be greater too.

Secondly, some companies charge different prices for deliveries which must be conducted on the same day and those which can be conducted the next working day. Usually the reason this is the case is because there would be some deliveries which need to be rearranged to a slightly different timing as originally planned if there is a new delivery which requires the item to be delivered within 12 hour timespan, versus a 36 hour timespan if it were to be only completed by the next working day!!!

Third of all, if your delivery has to be urgent (e.g. completed within 1-2 hours of pick up, then chances are the courier has to put down all other deliveries during that timeframe and complete your delivery first. In other words, you will definitely need to pay more for this higher level of urgent courier delivery services.

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