Doing Deliveries Yourself Vs Outsourcing To A Courier Company

Should you perform the deliveries you require by yourself or simply outsource to a courier company? The age old question of outsourcing versus in house –> Except applied to the delivery / courier industry. So, which one is the better business decision?

Here’s what I think:

– If you have never delivered items before, and you have increasing amounts of deliveries needed for your E-commerce business, then it’s ideal that you outsource it. This is because the time and effort needed to travel using public transport islandwide around Singapore will be great, or the amount of money spent cabbing around will be too great – and all these money or efforts can be better put into use building your business instead and making more sales.

– Are you constantly frustrated with reaching your customers places late and making them angry? This is normal because most people are not THAT familiar with the roads around in Singapore. In fact, it would be better to simply pass the jobs to people who are trained in traveling around the island of Singapore and have them deliver the items for you instead. Even in the world of GPS, sometimes, the GPS will lag and you will need to make a gigantic roundabout, which can be pretty time-wasting if you were to add them all up.

– Do you need to send cheques to the bank or a business vendor but they wouldn’t accept or want traditional snail mail? A courier company like Regent or PCA Masters would be a good choice in this situation. They can get your items delivered to your recipient safely and still send you notifications once it’s been delivered.

– Were there times where you had to deliver an item super urgently but you either had to spend a bomb on taxi or drive like a madman to your destination location and risk getting into an accident? When you engage a courier company, you’ll be able to use their bikers, which are able to snake around the traffic even during busy traffic hours, and that allows for great flexibility while you can rest in your office or home.

All in all, I would say that if the document is not urgent or ít’s completely unimportant, then send it via mail. If it’s important or urgent, always use a good and reliable courier services firm in Singapore.

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