Should you order courier services in Singapore?

There may be a time where you may face a dilemma – whether to carry out the delivery yourself or to seek the courier services in Singapore. Let’s examine the pros and cons of ordering courier services in Singapore.

Pros of ordering courier services in Singapore
1. You save time and effort. This is quite common sense. If your order courier service, the couriers will take over the delivery for you. You will no longer have to spend time and effort delivering the items yourself. The only time you will need to spend is to make the courier service order from the courier company. Courier companies like PCA Masters ( have made their order form easy to fill by the customers. Take note to fill in the full address accurately as the courier companies charge you for the trip made as per your instructions. If the addresses are wrong, you will still be charged. Once you made the order for the courier service, the courier company will take care of the rest. You can just stay put at your current location and the courier will come to you to collect the items from you. If you are talking about a delivery which needs to travel at least 5 kilometers, you can potentially save up to 1 hour of your time.

2. The items will be delivered faster. Couriers are able to deliver items faster than you. This is mainly because they know their way around Singapore better than you. Couriers have been traveling on the roads daily, and their experience on the roads leads to faster delivery speed.

3. It may be more reliable to hand over the delivery of the items to the couriers. Couriers have experienced delivering goods and they will be able to take better care of the items than you. They will know how to place their goods on their vehicles and secure them properly so that they don’t get damaged. Besides, if you have very bulky items which is much easier being transported using a van than your own car, the items will be better placed inside the van. If you attempt to squeeze the items, they may get damaged.

Cons of ordering courier services in Singapore
1. You will incur some delivery fee for engaging courier services. If you can deliver the items yourself, you will be able to save on that cost. However, having said that, I will advise you to weigh the benefits of saving that fee to the opportunity cost of your time. If you are not busy and are free to conduct the delivery yourself, then you should probably do it. However, if you are busy and have much more important things to do, then it’s better to outsource that delivery.

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