How Is It To Work At A Courier Company?

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Anyway, for those who want to enter the courier industry and work as a deliveryman or perhaps as part of the logistics planner, this post will be awesome for you.

This is a job which requires lots of traveling. As a courier, you will be travelling to different places islandwide across Sg and picking up items (documents and / or parcels) and then proceeding to deliver them to the intended recipient. Even though Singapore is only 40 kilometres across, you will realize that there is still a lot of traveling involved for a courier. Therefore, if you love driving a van or riding a bike, then you’ll love this job.

If you’re a bike courier, then you would be picking up only documents or small parcels. However, if you are a van courier, then you would generally be delivering larger parcels or boxes. This is because bikes can’t fit much. Bikes generally deal mostly with on-demand and ad hoc deliveries, while vans generally deal with goods restocking as well as Ecommerce product distribution. This is because vans can store a large amount of items before dispatching them all at once, making it much more convenient for mass distributions. However, when it comes to bikes, there is only so many items you can stack in the box at the back of a motorcycle. This is why couriers on bikes do best for ad hoc deliveries, and not so for mass distribution.

If you’re a logistics planner for a courier company, then the main job you’ll be doing is allocating mass distribution jobs among the couriers that your company hires, as well as allocating the mass distribution goods according to regions so that the couriers can best execute the deliveries smoothly and quickly. Also, there would be lots of ad hoc courier deliveries coming in daily, and you would need to deal with these.

Just make sure to join a reputable courier company i.e. PCA MastersĀ

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