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How Is It To Work At A Courier Company?

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Anyway, for those who want to enter the courier industry and work as a deliveryman or perhaps as part of the logistics planner, this post will be awesome for you.

This is a job which requires lots of traveling. As a courier, you will be travelling to different places islandwide across Sg and picking up items (documents and / or parcels) and then proceeding to deliver them to the intended recipient. Even though Singapore is only 40 kilometres across, you will realize that there is still a lot of traveling involved for a courier. Therefore, if you love driving a van or riding a bike, then you’ll love this job.

If you’re a bike courier, then you would be picking up only documents or small parcels. However, if you are a van courier, then you would generally be delivering larger parcels or boxes. This is because bikes can’t fit much. Bikes generally deal mostly with on-demand and ad hoc deliveries, while vans generally deal with goods restocking as well as Ecommerce product distribution. This is because vans can store a large amount of items before dispatching them all at once, making it much more convenient for mass distributions. However, when it comes to bikes, there is only so many items you can stack in the box at the back of a motorcycle. This is why couriers on bikes do best for ad hoc deliveries, and not so for mass distribution.

If you’re a logistics planner for a courier company, then the main job you’ll be doing is allocating mass distribution jobs among the couriers that your company hires, as well as allocating the mass distribution goods according to regions so that the couriers can best execute the deliveries smoothly and quickly. Also, there would be lots of ad hoc courier deliveries coming in daily, and you would need to deal with these.

Just make sure to join a reputable courier company i.e. PCA Masters

Should you order courier services in Singapore?

There may be a time where you may face a dilemma – whether to carry out the delivery yourself or to seek the courier services in Singapore. Let’s examine the pros and cons of ordering courier services in Singapore.

Pros of ordering courier services in Singapore
1. You save time and effort. This is quite common sense. If your order courier service, the couriers will take over the delivery for you. You will no longer have to spend time and effort delivering the items yourself. The only time you will need to spend is to make the courier service order from the courier company. Courier companies like PCA Masters ( have made their order form easy to fill by the customers. Take note to fill in the full address accurately as the courier companies charge you for the trip made as per your instructions. If the addresses are wrong, you will still be charged. Once you made the order for the courier service, the courier company will take care of the rest. You can just stay put at your current location and the courier will come to you to collect the items from you. If you are talking about a delivery which needs to travel at least 5 kilometers, you can potentially save up to 1 hour of your time.

2. The items will be delivered faster. Couriers are able to deliver items faster than you. This is mainly because they know their way around Singapore better than you. Couriers have been traveling on the roads daily, and their experience on the roads leads to faster delivery speed.

3. It may be more reliable to hand over the delivery of the items to the couriers. Couriers have experienced delivering goods and they will be able to take better care of the items than you. They will know how to place their goods on their vehicles and secure them properly so that they don’t get damaged. Besides, if you have very bulky items which is much easier being transported using a van than your own car, the items will be better placed inside the van. If you attempt to squeeze the items, they may get damaged.

Cons of ordering courier services in Singapore
1. You will incur some delivery fee for engaging courier services. If you can deliver the items yourself, you will be able to save on that cost. However, having said that, I will advise you to weigh the benefits of saving that fee to the opportunity cost of your time. If you are not busy and are free to conduct the delivery yourself, then you should probably do it. However, if you are busy and have much more important things to do, then it’s better to outsource that delivery.

Doing Deliveries Yourself Vs Outsourcing To A Courier Company

Should you perform the deliveries you require by yourself or simply outsource to a courier company? The age old question of outsourcing versus in house –> Except applied to the delivery / courier industry. So, which one is the better business decision?

Here’s what I think:

– If you have never delivered items before, and you have increasing amounts of deliveries needed for your E-commerce business, then it’s ideal that you outsource it. This is because the time and effort needed to travel using public transport islandwide around Singapore will be great, or the amount of money spent cabbing around will be too great – and all these money or efforts can be better put into use building your business instead and making more sales.

– Are you constantly frustrated with reaching your customers places late and making them angry? This is normal because most people are not THAT familiar with the roads around in Singapore. In fact, it would be better to simply pass the jobs to people who are trained in traveling around the island of Singapore and have them deliver the items for you instead. Even in the world of GPS, sometimes, the GPS will lag and you will need to make a gigantic roundabout, which can be pretty time-wasting if you were to add them all up.

– Do you need to send cheques to the bank or a business vendor but they wouldn’t accept or want traditional snail mail? A courier company like Regent or PCA Masters would be a good choice in this situation. They can get your items delivered to your recipient safely and still send you notifications once it’s been delivered.

– Were there times where you had to deliver an item super urgently but you either had to spend a bomb on taxi or drive like a madman to your destination location and risk getting into an accident? When you engage a courier company, you’ll be able to use their bikers, which are able to snake around the traffic even during busy traffic hours, and that allows for great flexibility while you can rest in your office or home.

All in all, I would say that if the document is not urgent or ít’s completely unimportant, then send it via mail. If it’s important or urgent, always use a good and reliable courier services firm in Singapore.

Pricing For Delivery And Courier Service In Singapore

If you have not ordered courier services before, and you now need to on behalf of your company, here are some tips which would make you feel more assured in making the right, prudent decision… especially when you can find so many options online! There are so many things to take into consideration and you may feel totally overwhelmed and stressed out… and your boss may scold you. So, here are some tips to help you out and teach you how to properly order the right type of courier services and identify a good courier company in SIngapore.

Firstly, most companies in Singapore charge either via zones and/or distance. This is because there are central locations like CBD regions where the locations where documents are delivered are usually next to each other, resulting in cheaper prices; however, for further distances, such as from an outskirt to another outskirt in another region of the island, then it would take a significantly longer traveling time. As petrol costs and time needed to travel will be greater, the prices for such local, islandwide vs city only courier services would naturally be greater too.

Secondly, some companies charge different prices for deliveries which must be conducted on the same day and those which can be conducted the next working day. Usually the reason this is the case is because there would be some deliveries which need to be rearranged to a slightly different timing as originally planned if there is a new delivery which requires the item to be delivered within 12 hour timespan, versus a 36 hour timespan if it were to be only completed by the next working day!!!

Third of all, if your delivery has to be urgent (e.g. completed within 1-2 hours of pick up, then chances are the courier has to put down all other deliveries during that timeframe and complete your delivery first. In other words, you will definitely need to pay more for this higher level of urgent courier delivery services.

Vehicles Used For Courier Service In Singapore

Courier services range from delivering small items like documents or perhaps a small parcel to large items like a television. With such a vast range of items being couriered in Singapore, there must be many different types of vehicles we use for this.

  • First and foremost, if it’s small enough to fit into the box at the back of motorcycles, then the courier company would under most circumstances, dispatch a rider to your pick up and delivery locations. This is because it would save you and the company more costs – it’s more time and cost efficient to send a motorbike courier for small item deliveries than sending a large van for the same small item. Additionally, a van courier may ask for more pay from the courier company, and the low prices most courier companies charge for document or small item deliveries would not be justifiable with a van courier.
  • Most of the bikes that these courier companies will use are actually not the usual type of bike you will see on the roads, as these bikes are meant for courier deliveries. This means that chances are, instead of looking cool, it would have lots of boxes to fit as many items as possible for courier deliveries. This is to maximize the usage of a bike on the roads.
  • Next, if your items is too large or heavy to be transported using a bike, then courier companies may choose between a car / van to have your item transported. One thing you may notice is that most of the van drivers are full time employees, while the car drivers are most commonly contractors working for the courier company.
  • As some companies will send a car driver to pick up your items, if your items clearly need a van, make sure to specify that point to the courier company or you would find yourself in a dilemma later on when the courier turns up with an unsuitable vehicle but still charges you for it.

Ordering Courier Services In S’pore

For the people who do not know how to order a delivery service in Singapore, here are some steps and then tips.

  • Before you order, you should first know the postal code of both the pick up locations and delivery location. This is because most courier companies charge by the postal codes. The further the distance between your pick up point and delivery point, the more expensive it will be. This is usually the case for same day deliveries. If you have lots of consolidated deliveries to be performed, then that would be another issue altogether. Prices would generally be fixed and significantly lower if you have consolidated deliveries to be performed.
  • Next of all, you should make sure that the item is ready before you contact the courier company. In the event that it will only be ready for collection after a particular time, then make sure that is known to the courier as well. This is because some couriers might reach your pick up location very quickly, and will charge you waiting fees if the document/item is not yet ready for collection. Therefore, make a note to the courier company if the document/item is only ready after a particular time.
  • Third of all, make sure to specify a timing if you need an item to be delivered before a particular time which is not 6pm. Most courier companies in SG will deliver your items on the same day before 6pm if you do not specify any time frame. Thus, to ensure that your items don’t get missed out in terms of deliveries and still get delivered on time (especially for time sensitive courier deliveries), make sure to let the courier company know about all these requirements. They may charge more but it’s sensible to do it than to take the risk of having the items couriered late. After all, the charges are just a few dollars more only.
  • Last but not least, make sure to work with an accountable courier company in SG. Some companies don’t send any kind of notification, or tracking to let the customer know that the item has been delivered successfully. Make sure to work with a company like PCA Masters – which provides that e.g. successful delivery statuses e.t.c.

Now, the above tips should be enough to set you up..

What Should Be Improved For Singapore’s Courier Companies

Here are some things which I noticed about courier companies, and then followed by some improvements which I believe can and should be made to the state of the courier services industry in Singapore. Generally, it is ok, but certainly can be improved.

  • Long process
    There are many courier companies in Singapore which require you to fill up length forms and registration process before you can even order one single courier delivery and/or open a corporate account. In my opinion, this can be improved because many times, most people need to know an average estimate or rough guide of the prices before committing to it. In such a situation, there should ideally be an instant price calculator where the price will be provided as long as the pick up and delivery timings and postal codes are provided. In fact, some companies allow for this to provide a quote. However, most of them like Gogovan are bad because they have hidden clauses (e.g. the courier can charge any additional prices as they deem fit on the spot). This is unreliable and unprofessional. There should be a fixed price to ensure fairness for Singapore customers!
  • Lack of tracking or rather, communication
    Did you know that most SG courier companies don’t even notify you even well after your delivery has been completed? In my opinion, this is bad. Most courier companies need you to even call them or manually check before you know whether the delivery was/is successful. That’s why I only stick to companies like PCA Masters which are reliable and tell their customers that the delivery has been completed the moment it’s been conducted.
  • Lack of transparency
    Did you realize that many old courier companies don’t let you know how they charge you for the deliveries? This is especially the case for moving and/or van delivery companies. This irritates me because I don’t know what on earth I’m paying for (I’m not speaking about those small $10-50 deliveries, I’m talking about those $1200 moving of 1 piece of furniture. Maybe I was overcharged but I would never know.

Alright, enough with the rant above. There are lots of things which SG courier companies are doing fantastic at, but the above are just some pointers that especially the older courier companies are lacking on. Newer couriers are catching on fast and improving on these points, and I expect companies like PCA Masters to topple the existing industry leader soon enough.